Want to “go green” with your interior decorating?  Excellent idea.  Let’s talk about your flooring, first!

We hear the word “green” thrown around and attached to almost everything.  But not everything that totes itself as “green” truly is environmentally friendly or sustainable.

Almost every type of flooring–from wood, to carpet to tile can be evaluated on its Green properties.   There are many attributes that make a flooring Green.   Everything from the toxicity of the manufacturer process to the distribution methods of the material are significant.

Here are some questions to consider when “going green” with your flooring:

  • Is the product renewable and recyclable?
  • Is the manufacturer a socially responsible company?
  • Does it allow for green installation and maintenance?

Choosing to go green is a great decision, but the choices can be daunting.  Ask your local flooring company to help you navigate your options.