Wool Carpet is Wonderful

Here in Southern California we don’t think about wool very much.   Since we are blessed with warm, temperate weather for most of the year, the majority of us only bring out our wool sweaters or even “woolens” (as our grandmothers called it) a few times a year.    Most of us in warmer climates have lost touch with the valuable aspects of wool.

Wool is not just used for sweaters and long underwear though, but it is also a popular fiber used in quality carpeting and rugs.   There are many wonderful benefits to having wool carpet.

Wool is naturally insulating, which means it helps regulate temperature in your house (or on your body in the case of a sweater).  It’s a fabric that “breathes.”   It’s also naturally green and sustainable, since it is grown, not made, on the bodies of sheep and goats around the world.   Also, because of the wide variety of sheep breeds, many beautiful and natural shades of carpet are made from wool without the aid of chemical dyes.   Not only that, but it is soft to the touch while also being extremely durable.

Since wool is an animal fiber, unlike cotton which is a plant fiber, or acrylic which is a synthetic fiber, wool has something called “memory.”   Memory is great because it helps the fiber retain it’s original structure.  When you vacuum, spot clean or steam clean wool it will bounce back and retain it’s original structure much better than a plant-based or synthetic carpet.   This means that high-traffic areas in your house will keep a clean, crisp look much longer than other types of rugs or carpet.

Even more, if you run a “shoes-off” type of house, you can team up with wonderful wool carpet to keep that flooring looking as clean as ever!

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