Hardwood floors are timeless.   Not only in the sense that they are classic in style and feel, but they can actually be timeless.   Here is a little known fact: hardwood floors can be re-sanded time and time again.  This means that hardwood can actually last more than 100 years if cared for properly!

The beauty of nature is seen in any hardwood floor where the natural detail of grain, knots and mineral streaks can only come from the craftsman ship of Mother Nature herself. Because wood is a natural product, no two pieces ever look the same; it just can’t happen. Combine that with the fact that wood can be fabricated into different widths and shapes and the many ways in which you can install your floor, not to mention that it can be refinished and re-colored, and it’s no wonder that as old as wood is as a flooring, it’s always new.

Something else that is special about the beauty of wood is that it’s so eco-friendly.   First there’s the environment. From the day your floor starts as a tree to the day it re-enters the eco cycle some 200 years or so later, wood flooring is about as sustainable as you can get.

[ Image by Patrick Hoesly ]