Different kinds of tiles

Some interesting facts and tips about tiling in your home:

• Tiles can be made from ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, and stone.
• Tiles can be as small as ¼ inch or as large as 65 inches. The size is up to you!
• The phrase “Big rooms need big tiles” is not always true. Analyze your room as a whole, understand what it needs and find the freedom in your array of options.
• Lengthen a small room by embedding mosaic-tile paths in your high traffic areas. Allow the color of your path to contrast the solid colors on your floor.
• Tiles are available in unique shapes like basket weave, herringbone, oval and wedge shapes? Make your floors unique by incorporating these different styles.
• Advantages of tile: design versatility, environmentally-friendly, durability, and ease of maintenance
• Tile calls to the artist in us: create a unique look by inserting hand-painted medallion pieces into your floor pattern.
• Tile can bring history into your home. The romantic styling of the Victorian (or even Renaissance) age can be incorporated into your room by flooring with small mosaic tiles.

[ image by tandemracer ]