How much would it cost to replace the existing carpet in one room with a wood floor?  The room I’m thinking of is pretty small – like a child’s bedroom or home office.  Also, can you recommend anyone who specializes in replacing carpet with wood?   Thanks!

There are many variables that can determine how much a simple replacement will cost.  Some of the things to consider are: the size of the room, the difficultly of the installation, and most importantly; the type of hardwood that is used in the new floor.

Some woods are less expensive than others.  Standard North American hardwoods such as red and white oak, black walnut, beech, and maple are usually less expensive.  Exotic woods that are found outside of North America feature unique colors and unusual graining.  Exotics include such as woods as Brazilian Cherry, Teak, Santos or African Mahogany, Tigerwood and Patagonian Rosewood, and can be pricier.

Another less expensive option is to opt for unfinished wood flooring.  This is a good option if you are a ‘do-it-yourselver’ with a small budget.  However, it will require you to finish, sand, and stain the floor yourself after professional installation.   Most installers do not recommend this because of all the potential for mess, hassle and mistakes that can happen when you finish your own floor.

Carpet Wagon specializes in the replacement of floor coverings. I would suggest you call and have a representative come out or visit one of the L.A. locations.