living room

I am having a house built, and trying to find out what is more economical and durable, carpet, tile or wood flooring?  Do you recommend any brand over another?

There are many great brands and types of flooring.  If you are going strictly for price – then carpet is probably your best choice, as it tends to be the most economical.  However, you’ll get more durability from tile and hardwood flooring.

You say you’re building a new home… you may want to consider a combination of at least two or three different types of flooring, depending upon the floor plan and the functions of the rooms.  We’ve all heard the phrase “Wall-to-Wall Carpeting”, but in reality – do you really want carpet in your bathrooms or entryway where the constant moisture or heavy traffic can permanently damage carpet?   As a general rule, carpet is more desirable in bedrooms, and often family rooms as well, while tile, stone or hardwoods do better in heavily used areas such as the kitchen, dining and entryway areas.   Also something to consider: the more formal the room the more you may want to consider the timeless elegance of hardwood flooring.

Some of the best brands to look for in flooring are Mohawk, Mannington, Bruce, Armstrong, Pergo, Milliken, and just to name a few.  Carpet Wagon carries all these brands plus many more.

[photo by Nancy Hugo]