close up floor

How do I remove glue from vinyl flooring? I have recently had new vinyl linoleum flooring put down in my kitchen. They secured the flooring using glue, but I’m not sure what type of glue.  Unfortunately, some of the glue has been walked onto the flooring. We have been advised not to use chemicals or abrasives on the flooring. We have tried normal soap and water to no avail.   Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Good question!  Glue on the floor is really annoying, but there are lots of things you can try to remove the glue.

To remove adhesive from your vinyl flooring, you may want to try simple cooking oil.  This is the same concept as removing chewing gum from a little one’s hair using peanut butter.  Bar Keepers Friend is also worth a try.  It’s non abrasive, but make sure you try it in a small corner area with a soft cloth.   As a last resort you could try mineral spirits (used in turpentine and paint thinner).  However, please make sure you don’t pour this directly onto your vinyl floor.   Simply pour a bit on a cloth and test in small area as well. I’ve seen installers remove excess adhesive from hardwood with mineral spirits without damaging the floor at all.

[photo by LittleRedCera]