Beautiful Floor Rugs

Though rugs are probably the oldest known floor covering, they continue to be new in their design.  A good area rug provides a new and do-it-yourself makeovers, instantly! Area rugs are as diverse as they are versatile: knotted, woven, hooked or braided, machine-made or hand-tufted, synthetic or natural fibers, with looks and designs running from traditional to contemporary to modern, Oriental to abstract to floral and subtle to bold.

As with today’s rule that things don’t have to match, neither do rugs. Rugs let you be creative, personally contemporary, by mixing elements of your décor and the elements of the rug and thus create custom, individual looks.

Or even better, you can think of rugs as part of your home’s “wardrobe.”  Some can be changed seasonally. Some rolled out for special occasions or switched to other rooms. Others can be keepsakes to share with the family and to hand down.  What’s important to remember about rugs, new or old, using your creativity always presents a new opportunity for your rug to play a new role as you begin your home makeover.

Excerpted from Fabulous Floors Magazine, Winter 2011.

[image by psyberartist]