Today, a friend of Carpet Wagon is going to come a little bit of the woodwork, so to speak, and share some of her personal experiences about being a first time homeowner.

My husband and I are new first-time homeowners, and really excited about the prospect of decorating and making our home cosy and inviting.  One easy way to do that?  Paint!

Our home had been a rental property for decades before we bought it – and the previous tenants had painted the bedrooms dark green.  Nice color for some, but not for us.  The common areas are all plain white.   Time to grab some paint swatches!

While “going green” isn’t our style in paint color, it is our style for the environment.   The airborne chemicals released during painting, after the paint is dry, and as paint is removed, fall into a category of pollutants known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—potentially carcinogenic carbon-based chemicals that evaporate easily and contribute to indoor air pollution.  Harmful compounds in the VOC category range from formaldehyde to pesticides to cleaning chemicals.  They can be up to ten times more concentrated indoors than outdoors.  However, VOCs contribute significantly to air pollution out of doors as well.  VOCs are released in the highest concentrations during paint application, but most paint will continue to emit harmful fumes for years afterwards.

Companies are on the move to make paint with little or no VOC’s.  Check the label at your local paint store to find an eco-friendly paint.

Now, about color – I’m thinking taupe…

[photo by Diana Parkhouse]