beautiful wood floor

What is the best way to clean hardwood floors?   I own a house that was built in 1912 and it still has the original hardwood floors in it.  We often throw parties and have lots of children over to play with our kids, and in the last few years I’ve noticed that the clear finish has flaked off in quite a few places.   Another thing to consider: I’ve got pets, so I’m concerned about finding a floor cleaner that is non toxic and safe for animals and humans.

It sounds like you’ve got a couple of issues to going on here.  First, finding a quality and non-toxic cleaning solution for your hard worn floors, and second, dealing with your worn finishes.

One cleaning agent I recommend is “Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner”.  Bona is an excellent choice as it is non toxic and inexpensive.   A simple vinegar and water solution also remains a good option.  Simply mix half a cup of white vinegar to one gallon of warm water.    Make sure never to saturate the wood floor with water, a slightly damp mop is all that is needed.

The other issue is that of your worn finish.   To be honest, having original floors built in 1912, you’re not likely to see a significant improvement in the appearance even with vigorous cleaning.   I would recommend that you look into getting your floor refinished.  You can hire a professional or do it yourself.   Refinishing requires sanding down all the remaining varnish and the worn out top top layer of wood, and re-staining or varnishing the wood.  It’s a messy job, but can be done with the right equipment and enough time.

If your wood floor is damaged beyond a basic refinishing, you’ll need to look at options for replacing your wood floor.  After almost 100 years I wouldn’t be surprised if you might benefit from a new wood floor.

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[Photo by ShawnHenning]